About GoUrl.io

Gourl.io is founded in 2014. It is the best platform to treasure the solution for online cryptocurrency payment; hence it is also known as a global provider. The network allows vendors and consumers to carry out their business with each other, with the support of the new bitcoin/altcoins payment protocols.

It has reached over 10,000+ registered companies/vendors from all over the world. Gateway has unique technology than the standard gateways. It is flexible to integrate with internet website pages, no extrinsic payment pages open (as other payment gateways provide) and is extra affable to operate at the end website visitors.

The platform is viable to use with detailed statistics, open source, reliable, website owners/vendors will obtain bitcoin immediately in their wallets, no need to maintain a bank account, no conversion to fiat money.

Later, you can easily convert obtained bitcoins to USD/EUR/etc. Moreover, customer’s money (bitcoins/altcoins) will not be recorded by their server. Obtained payments are directly forwarded to vender’s external wallet addresses within the next half hour.

To maintain the transaction data intact, they are utilizing standard raising technology such as SSL encryption. Therefore, customers will be secured by this supplementary protection features to fight against hackers, etc.

Unique features of GoUrl.io

  • It provides 100% free open source platform.
  • 0% transaction fees and no extra charges.
  • Obtain Bitcoin/Altcoin on your website.
  • No need to provide bank account details.
  • No identity required to initiate.
  • Payments automatically forwarded into your wallets.
  • Feasible to convert USD/EUR/etc
  • No risk, No Chargebacks.
  • JSON/JQuery- personalize bitcoin payment box.
  • Pay-Per-Product- trade your products for bitcoin, Dogecoin etc online on website.
  • Pay-Per-Download – earn money on file downloads or other content from website.
  • Pay-Per-Post – sell rights to post on your website.
  • Pay-Per-Registration – earn money on website registration.
  • Pay-Per-Membership – trade your premium membership.
  • Working with third- party plugins- WooCommerce etc
  • Direct Payments to your website users.
  • Affiliate program
  • In the integration of Bitcoin Gateway, you can avail free support.

More about GoUrl.io

Since from August, Bitcoin CASH (BCH/BCC) cryptocurrency is added. However, WordPress, PHP, ASP accepts BCH payments. On 5 April 2017, 10,000 companies/vendors registered successfully. Thus, a new version 1.7.10 – GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway Available- included the Italian Language. Therefore, new version GoUrl PMPro Bitcoin Gateway Addon (WordPress Membership plugin) helps multiple gateways like Paypal, Stripe, etc.

GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway launched a new version 1.7.8 which supports different languages (Japanese, Indonesian, Polish and so on)

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