Cryptocurrency market has become the hotbed for financial investment — As a result a number of cryptocurrency related news are rolling out every day. Let’s have a quick roundup on latest cryptocurrency news and updates.

Barclay UK’s second largest bank to begin cryptocurrency trading desk


As per reports, Barclays Plc, the second largest bank of U.K is begun to audit client interest in setting up a virtual currency trading firm. Barclays is holding high-level discussions about starting a dedicated cryptocurrency counter.

IMF forecasts on economic conditions of nations after 2020


The international monetary fund envisioned the economy of a world that has boomed since 2011. This might continue for upcoming two years and soon the economic conditions may fall down. On Tuesday, the firm gave a forecast of the year 2018 on the global growth of an economy. The estimated growth is 3.9 percent in the month of January and aloft its outlook for the U.S as Republican tax eradicates its effect.

Brazil Crypto Exchanges Launch Rival Cryptocurrency Organization

Brazil regulators are working on a regulation on cryptocurrencies but there are tensions between banks and brokers — some banks have previously refused to open accounts with brokers because of risks. Additionally, the regulators have warned that local investment funds cannot invest in cryptocurrencies.

Ripple Wants Regulators to Foray Cryptocurrencies Balance

Ripple’s head of regulatory called on U.K. to relook into delays of announcing cryptocurrency regulation saying that predictable regulation can help promote to markets by attracting new entrants, especially institutional investors. Financial Conduct Authority said it will study cryptocurrency regulation situation and publish recommendations in the third quarter of the year.

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