Do you trade with Bitcoin every now and then?? What if you get free Bitcoins as rewards??

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Money is the most integral part of one’s life in all phases. And if you get an opportunity to earn quick money, who would rather lose it? Even the richest of rich and poorest of poor get attracted to various ways of earning quick money within a small time frame. Nowadays Bitcoin is the talk of the town when people discovered this way of earning quick money. Presently, Moon Bitcoin is the top Bitcoin earning website.

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  • What is Moon Bitcoin?
  • How to get started Moon Bitcoin?
  • How can you earn on Moon Bitcoin?
  • Final thoughts on Moon Bitcoin

Before heading forward, let’s get familiar with terms Satoshi and Bitcoin Faucet. 

Satoshi one-hundredth of a Millionth of a Bitcoin(1 Satoshi = 0.00000001฿), named after the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. 

A Bitcoin faucet is a creative reward system. This offers rewards in the form of Bitcoins(in small amounts) to users on completion of tasks or surveys. They are named as faucets as they get filled up with rewards and emptied regularly by users using their private keys.


Ever since it was established in 2014, Moon Bitcoin dispurses rewards on completing tasks and surveys in the form of Satoshis. The website which is completely free runs on ads and therefore does not allow to block the ads as the ads and the user traffic are the main contributors to the website’s income.


Moon Bitcoin is one of the most reputed, high traffic bitcoin faucets on the internet that allows the user to empty their faucet as frequently as every 5 min, unlike the other websites that allow once in an hour.   Moon Bitcoin remains one of the most visited faucets on the internet, with an Alexa global rank of 3,945.


Before getting started with Moon Bitcoin, one should have a Bitcoin address or CoinPot address where the rewards would be filled up. 

Once the user is logged in, he can start making rewards by participating in surveys, watching ads or completing tasks mentioned in the website. The rewards get accumulated in the wallet provided. The speed decreases as the faucet fill up, hence it’s recommended to empty it by withdrawing at regular intervals.

Moon Bitcoin is one such website that does not limit the withdrawal speed nor frequency.  A user can withdraw as regular as even 5 min.

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As mentioned above Moon Bitcoin offers various ways of earning rewards, apart from them here are some defined rewards by which users can earn bitcoins.

  • Loyalty Bonus – Users who withdraw rewards at least once a day are entitled to a loyalty bonus of an additional 1% the next consecutive day.
  • Referral Bonus – These rewards are provided to users for referring new users to the faucet. One can refer to as many as new users and accumulate the reward till 100%.
  • Mystery Bonus – These rewards open up unexpectedly at the bottom when the user is withdrawing the rewards. The contents are kept secret until they are accumulated in the faucet.
  • Offer Bonus – These rewards are paid when users complete some offers or surveys. The more the offers are completed, the more the bonus is paid.
  • Mining Bonus – These rewards are for those users who allow using their computer as Proof-of-Work process that mines Bitcoin. It is calculated based on the amount of the processing power the user has contributed which could even be 100%.


On the whole if the ads don’t bother you and also you have a considerable amount of friends base who are passionate about Bitcoins, this platform is best suited for you to earn quick money. Moon Bitcoin is mainly for those who can spend some extra time doing extra stuff to earn extra money.